A Little Piece of Land

12:03 PM

Well friends, we are about to start a new chapter on this home journey and I decided it was time I started documenting something because hindsight is 20/20, right. Oh, and that whole "document your life generation" thing.

I think we should start from the beginning.

We first started tossing around ideas for home building once we figured out we were going to move back to my husbands home town. This place isn't a suburb/neighborhood/model home type place. My major concern is that we would be more than 20 minutes from a Target [I hate that it's so cliché, but I can't help it]. His major concern is that there would be enough space between our house and the neighbors that we wouldn't be handing each other sugar through the kitchen windows. For months we would drive out to town and look at different lots with "for sale" signs hoping for a good price and we had a few more options than we figured we would.

Our first option was a 1.8+ acre plot of land just north of town. This piece was in a neighborhood of sorts. Some homes were in good shape, others had their own mystique to them. We were excited about the prospect of this lot, as it was pie shaped with an expansive back yard and a good set of trees. The biggest plus was no back yard neighbors. This land backed up to a cotton field. Unfortunately, this lot sold out from under us before we could even find the seller.

We turned our sights on a 2+ acre plot across the street. It would have had better access for a driveway and was a little larger, but before we could put an offer in, the owner took both that plot and the one next door off the market.

I started to get restless. What were we going to do? After a few months, and much convincing, I decided to agree to look deeper into town and farther away from Target.

Our next couple of options were too far, too big or too old. They just weren't what we was looking for.

And then pops up this neighborhood. We had driven past it many times. We talked about a friends cousins ex-wife's brother that bought land over there. And all of a sudden it looked like the perfect place. A mile from the high school, just off the main street. So we started looking.

So we scouted. And we called. And we weighted the options. There were a few lots that we asked about. One realtor seemed to be the one controlling the market. We received a highlighted lot map and looked. We liked one with trees but that one wasn't for sale. The one next door had a smaller lot  [.8 acres] but was on the corner [less neighbors = *thumbs up*]. We almost put an offer on that lot but didn't. Then we inquired about a lot in the back of the neighborhood on a cul-de-sac. Seller wanted an outrageous price and wouldn't budge! We considered the corner lot one more time and then...

What's that? a 1.5 acre lot on the main road with a reasonable price and established neighbors! My husband went to look at it. He took me. He took his dad. He talked to the neighbors. That was it. We were sold. We put an offer in, waited, waited & WAITED.

And here it is. The place our children will grow up.

What did I take away from this process? Patience. A lot of it. A bucket full. It's not quick. But I sure am glad we waited.

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